First off...Fetchmates is NOT an "on-demand" app or directory of independent contractors! Fetchmates is a REAL pet care company with REAL employees and REAL accountability.

Our staff consists of highly trained dog handlers who are bound by Fetchmates' legendary, strict service standards. The safety and well-being of your precious companion is our highest priority. Hiring employees as opposed to independent contractors gives Fetchmates the power to control every aspect of the services our clients receive, ensuring that you will always receive the best possible pet care experience...period.

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Our handlers will lead your dog on quick relief walks, outings, and excursions that consist of basic sidewalk training as well as the refinement of social skills. Realizing that each dog has their own daily requirements, we offer between 15, 30, and 60 minute sessions for relief, fresh air, and exercise.

From daily progress reports to "real-time" service updates, our technology allows you to know exactly what your companion has been up to. If you're like most responsible dog owners, you'll want your dog to experience more than just a stroll in the 'hood. That's why our highly trained handlers will reinforce your established training regimen during every outing to ensure that your dog gets mental stimulation as well as relief.

And because safety is at the very core of what we stand for, our handlers will take every precaution to see to it that your dog returns home happy and healthy. No matter the session length, your dog is always guaranteed an enriching outdoor experience.


Fetchmates prides itself on offering the safest, most reliable dog walking service in the world, and because safety is a echoed in everything we do here, we've made it the cornerstone of our daily practice.

We live by the mantra: "I am actively engaged in the task at hand".

All distractions are eradicated as attention is bestowed on the dogs we are serving. We believe that distractions create destruction. That's why we take a harsh stance while in session.

NO Phone Calls

NO Texting

NO Music

NO Food

Any employee of Fetchmates reported to engage in any of these distractions will be terminated immediately.

We also will not tolerate sitting in the park as this is a direct contradiction to what we have been entrusted to provide. We also have a strict “NO pack walking policy”. Our handlers will never exceed three dogs per session. That's it! Pack walking is not only unsafe, it’s also unfair to the dogs who need individual attention.


Our technology enables you to control every aspect of your dog’s experience with Fetchmates, just by swiping your smartphone or clicking your mouse. The technology allows you to book daily sessions, leave instructions, pay invoices, and even track the route taken by your handler via our GPS tracking system.

Receive instant notifications when your handler enters and leaves your home...and after each session, you will receive detailed notes describing the events of your dog’s session.

All of this can be accessed from your iPhone, Android device, or desktop.


Fetchmates is far more than a dog walking service. It's an advocate for your dog's safety and well-being, inspiring them to be the best versions of themselves. We strongly believe that a dog challenged with mental stimulation is less inclined to engage in destructive behaviors.  Join our community, give your dog the opportunity to grow and have more enriching experiences everyday.